How to Clean Sunglasses (2019)

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Sunglasses are both a fashion accessory and protection. The beauty of your eyes and the quality of your vision depend on the proper care of your glasses. Well maintained, your glasses will last longer and will be more comfortable. When you get a new pair of sunglasses brands, it’s so clean and the vision is so clear. However, sooner or later it will get dirty. Your fingerprints and other marks will remain on the mirror. Let your glasses return to their original clarity and cleanness becomes very important!

how to clean sunglasses 2019

Best Way to Clean Sunglasses

Sunglasses Cleaning Kit and Material:

– Sunglasses Cleaning Kit
– a small amount of alcohol
– warm tap water
– a little toothpaste
– a small piece of soap
– clean, soft, lint-free cotton fabric
– optional: microfiber cloth finish

Wash your hands thoroughly:

Before washing sunglasses, it is important that your hands are perfectly Wash. They must not have any trace of dirt, moisturizer or any other material that may stain the glasses. So, avoid soaps with perfumes and moisturizers, and use a neutral soap or dishwashing liquid instead. To dry your hands, use a clean, lint-free towel.

clean sunglasses tips 2019

First step: Put your sunglasses under the warm tap water

Water scavenge dust and all impurities from the surface of your sunglasses. Thanks to this rinsing, you avoid micro-scratches when cleaning sunglasses. The water should not be too hot (the heat can take off the treatments on your sunglasses) nor too cold because you will get steam by putting them back on your face.

clean sunglasses tips 2

Second step: Use a small amount of alcohol agent to the lens surface of the glasses to remove oil stains

After washing the floating dust with running water, you can apply glasses a small amount of alcohol agent, toothpaste or soap on the surface of the lens, which can effectively remove oil stains other than floating dust, such as sweat stains and fingerprint stains. Otherwise, moisturizers may leave traces and deposits on your glasses.

clean sunglasses tips 3

Third step: Gently rub the sunglasses on both sides with your fingers

Once you have done this for a few seconds, carefully rub the entire frame, including the nose pads and the tips of the branches that are in contact with the back of your ears. Be particularly attentive to the contours of sunglasses, where dust and sebum tend to become embedded and leave deposits.

clean sunglasses tips 4

Fourth step: Put your sunglasses back under the tap

Thoroughly rinse both sides of the sunglasses and the entire frame. Take care to remove all dishwashing liquid, otherwise, it may leave marks on your glasses once they have dried.

clean sunglasses tips 5

Fifth step: Shake your sunglasses lightly to remove water

By gently shaking your sunglasses, this will remove most of the drops of water still hanging on them. Then, carefully inspect the eyeglasses to make sure they are clean and neat.

clean sunglasses tips 6

Sixth step: Dry the sunglasses and frame with a clean, lint-free cloth

Only use fabric that has been washed without fabric softener and dried without fabric softener as these two products leave traces on the lenses. You can use any cotton fabric, a towel or a simple cloth. But make sure the fabric is perfectly clean. In fact, dirt and other debris become easily embedded in the fibers of the cloths and can leave micro-scratches on the glasses. Likewise, cooking splashes, sebum and moisturizer easily permeate sponge towels and can also leave deposits.

Seventh step: Make a final inspection of sunglasses

If traces or stubborn stains remain, remove them with a microfiber cloth. To do a little extra cleaning when you do not have all the equipment you need, you can use pre-moistened and individually wrapped disposable wipes like these. Indeed, these wipes are specially designed for use on spectacle lenses.

Warning: Cleaning sunglasses considerations

Never dry clean
A projection on your sunglasses can never be cleaned dry. When hiking or training, use a little water from your bottle to clean sunglasses. Make sure you always wear your sunglasses under a little clear water before wiping them … this is the best way to avoid scratching them!

Hot water, to be avoided
The cleaning sunglasses is under cold or warm water, never too hot, because you could damage your glasses and their treatments by making them undergo a heat shock.

Do not use t-shirt, tissue, paper towel
If you still do not have the habit of carrying a microfiber cleaning cloth, do not use a t-shirt, tissue or paper towel to clean your glasses. These fabrics and papers are strongly discouraged because they can scratch your eyeglasses very easily.

Beware of household cleaning products, disinfectants or acetone
Do not use cleaning products, disinfectants or acetone to clean your sunglasses. These products can damage your lenses and their treatments. The only products to apply are the cleaning spray for eyeglasses, liquid soap or detergent that you must then rinse thoroughly.

Clean and preserve the sunglasses frames

For glasses frames, you can use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean the pads. Remember to dry the frames well, especially at the hinges. To avoid twists that can change the shape of frames, it is best to use both hands to put on and remove the glasses. This way of proceeding thus prevents a misalignment.


Store your glasses in a hard case when you do not wear them to avoid Dirty. In doing so, you keep your glasses and therefore your sunglasses clean and you protect your glasses at the same time. Do not put them directly in your purse, some small scratches will not necessarily see but eventually, your vision will suffer.

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  2. Jiney

    Do your sunglasses need more cleaning? You can pass them under the water, but watch out for hot water that can damage the polish! The water must be at room temperature. Add a drop of liquid soap to detach the glass. To wipe them clean, do not use hard roll paper, which may contain fiberglass, but rather a wipe to absorb moisture without rubbing.

    1. Christina Martin Post author

      Thanks, Like any quality product, good maintenance improves and extends the usefulness of your sunglasses and protects your investment.
      For optimal performance, rinse your sunglasses daily with warm water. If necessary, use a mild dishwashing liquid to wash the surface of each glass. Use a clean, soft, absorbent cloth. Do not use paper-based products to clean your glasses. Do not use cleaning agents, soaps or abrasive detergents that may leave a deposit on the glass. Do not use lotion-impregnated wipes, lanolin, silicone or any other cleaning product as this will leave a film on the glass.

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